AP U.S. Government

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Hello San Tan parents!

Welcome back to another wonderful week! This week we will finish studying Unit 3: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights. This unit requires students to read the Amendments to the Constitution and use it to understand how the amendments provide and expand Americans’ civil rights and liberties. As usual, the majority of our assignments are available on Google Classroom. We will be completing a second art project due at the end of this unit, a book on all 27 Amendments. AP Government requires many foundational documents to be read and analyzed so those will be added into the instruction as homework on paper.

Our Unit 3 Test will be on 3/6.

– Parent Teacher Conferences 3/5-3/6
– Half Days 3/4-3/6
– Spring Break 3/9-3/18
– Make elective choices on Infinite Campus 3/20
– Cap and gown pictures for Seniors and 8th grade 3/25
– Student v. Teacher Basketball game 3/27 Use this link if you’d like to sign up to help or play. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0E4AAAAC29A2F58-student